Using LHLO Portal to pay an annual licence fee

All labour hire providers in Victoria are required to pay licence fees under the Labour Hire Licensing Act 2018. These must be paid at application, annually and at licence renewal.

You must pay an annual licence fee:

  • when your licence is granted, and;
  • at the start of each 12-month period after your licence is issued until the licence expires.

Fees can be paid using Visa or Mastercard through the Labour Hire Licensing Online (LHLO) portal.

Viewing annual licence fee

  • When an annual licence fee is coming up, due or overdue a notification window will display under the heading 'Licences'.
  • Click 'Pay now' or 'View' under 'Notifications and alerts' to enter your turnover and payment details online.

LHLO Portal - Viewing Annual Licence Fee

TIP: You can view any items that require actioning under Transactions in progress.

Completing business tier declaration

Since 1 July 2021, business tiers are based on the business’s turnover for the last 4 quarters at the time of licence fee payments. More information on business tiers

What if my business tier has remained the same?

If your turnover for the previous 4 quarters means your business tier remains the same, you must make a declaration stating that your business tier has not changed.

LHLO Portal - Business Tier Change is no

What if my business tier has changed?

If your business tier has changed, you will need to declare your turnover and provide business activity statements or activity statements for the previous 4 quarters.

Click 'Next' to declare the information is true and correct. Or click 'Save and resume later' to save the form and complete later.

LHLO Portal - Business Tier Change is yes

Upon completion you will be taken to the Fee summary page which will display the relevant annual licence fee based on your business tier.

IMPORTANT: LHA may ask providers for further evidence to support declarations at any time, as a condition of a labour hire licence.

Fee Summary

Paying the annual licence fee

1. Pay using VISA or Mastercard

You can pay the annual licence fee online by clicking on the 'Pay and lodge' button and entering your VISA or Mastercard details.

2. Request an invoice

Click 'Save and pay later' and email to request an invoice with bank details.

Fee Summary - Payment

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