Check a provider’s licence status

To protect Victorian workers and businesses, ensure you only use licensed labour hire providers – use LHA’s free tools to:

  • check if a provider is licensed
  • subscribe to be notified of any licence changes
  • check or object to a licence application.

Labour Hire Licence Register

This register lists all licensed labour hire providers in Victoria.

Only providers with an active licence are permitted to advertise or provide labour hire services in Victoria.

You can use the filters on this register to view only licensed providers, or to view licences that are expired, suspended, cancelled or refused.

>Check a licence status

Follow my providers

Using this tool, you can subscribe to be notified of changes to the status of a labour hire provider’s licence.

You can follow as many providers as you wish, then manage your active subscriptions as required.

The tool enables you to be notified via email and SMS when:

  • licences are granted, suspended or cancelled
  • conditions are added to a licence
  • suspended licences are re-issued
  • applications are refused or withdrawn.

>Start following providers

To add or remove providers you’re following, use the Manage my providers tool.

Licence Application Register

This register lists labour hire licence applications currently being assessed by LHA.

Applicants must not provide labour hire services until they are granted a licence.

You can object to a licence application within 14 days of notice of the application being published on this register.

>Check a licence application