Understanding providers’ accommodation and transport requirements

31 March 2022
Understanding providers’ accommodation and transport requirements

Labour hire providers are required to tell the Labour Hire Authority (LHA) if they organise or provide accommodation or transport in connection with the labour hire service.

The LHA wants to know that the provider is:

  • providing accommodation that complies with minimum accommodation standards, and
  • providing transport that complies with all applicable laws relating to transport.


In general, the LHA wants to know that providers who supply accommodation will comply with the minimum accommodation standards outlined in section 3 of the Labour Hire Licensing Act 2018 (Vic.).

This also includes other relevant laws such as the Public Health and Wellbeing Act 2008 (Vic.), which states that accommodation must be registered with the relevant local council and comply with standards including but not limited to overcrowding, maintenance, cleanliness and minimum toilet and bathing facilities.

For example, given these requirements, placing four or more people in one hotel room with one bathroom is unlikely to pass minimum accommodation standards.

The LHA routinely inspects accommodation and conducts investigations where there are concerns about minimum accommodation standards.

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In general, the LHA will be looking to ensure that:

  • drivers of vehicles transporting workers are appropriately licensed (in Australia or overseas) for the class of vehicle they are operating
  • if the labour hire licence holder is not the person driving the vehicle, they are not employing or engaging a person to drive a motor vehicle who does not hold a suitable licence or permit
  • the vehicles (including any trailers) are registered and comply with any limits regarding mass and dimension limits, and
  • if the vehicle used to transport the workers is covered by the Heavy Vehicle National Law (Vic.) such as a bus or a light bus, the additional requirements under that scheme such as fatigue management measures are complied with.

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