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Reporting a problem: how to report non-compliance to LHA

1 June 2023
Reporting a problem: how to report non-compliance to LHA

The Labour Hire Authority (LHA) works to protect workers from exploitation and improve the transparency and integrity of the labour hire industry, including by investigating non-compliance with legal obligations.

To identify any non-compliance by providers or hosts, LHA considers information from other agencies, inspections and field visits.

LHA also relies on reports and tip-offs from hosts, workers, other providers, unions and the wider community through our Report A Problem portal and other communication channels.

Anyone with a complaint, concern, or information on providers who may not be meeting their obligations is encouraged to make a report. LHA wants to know if:

  • labour hire workers are being mistreated (e.g. poor accommodation, underpayments)
  • illegal arrangements are in place (e.g. sham contracting, avoidance of obligations)
  • a provider is operating without a licence
  • workers are supplied by an unlicensed provider.

Other workplace and legal issues

Where a labour hire provider is not complying with workplace or other relevant laws, LHA can take action against the provider’s licence, impacting how and whether they can operate in Victoria.

In most cases, workers should also report potential breaches of workplace law to a relevant regulator such as the Fair Work Ombudsman or WorkSafe. Workers may also raise potential breaches with their union.

How to report non-compliance to LHA

LHA’s Enquiries line can be reached on 1300 545 200 from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.

There is also a Report a Problem function on our site, where you can report an issue through an online form.

All reports are confidential and will not be disclosed to any person, except as required or authorised by law. Section 86 of the Labour Hire Licensing Act 2018 (Vic) also provides protection to persons who give information to LHA.

To support effective LHA action:

  • provide detailed information and evidence where possible – such as payslips, photos, contracts or screenshots – to assist LHA to investigate
  • keep the description of the issue objective – the who, what, where, when and how of what has occurred
  • provide contact details – while this is not mandatory to complete a report, LHA is more likely to act if we can contact the person who made the report, to clarify or gain further information.