Objecting to a licence application

21 October 2019

Persons or organisations who have an interest in the protection of workers or the integrity of the labour hire industry (Interested Persons) may make an objection to a licence application or renewal within 14 days of notice of the application being published on the Authority’s website.

Local councils, worker unions, industry peak bodies, workers, hosts and labour hire providers are all Interested Persons.

Objections can be made by going to the Received Labour Hire Application public register and clicking on ‘Raise an objection to this application’ next to the relevant application.

Objections must:

  • be in writing – through the authority’s website or by post,
  • state the grounds of the objection, which must be either that:
    • one or more of the relevant persons in relation to an application is not a ‘fit and proper’ person as defined in the act or
    • the applicant does not, or will not comply with the legal obligations referred to in section 23 of the Act,
  • state reasons for the objection, and
  • be made within 14 days of the application being published on the Applications Received Register.

The applicant will receive a copy of the notice of objection and will have 14 days to provide a response.

For more information visit Glossary - Objection.