New year, new you? Update your licence details

10 July 2023
New year, new you? Update your licence details

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Keeping your details up to date is a requirement of your licence and lowers the risk of missing critical notices from the Labour Hire Authority (LHA).

Check your business and contact details are up to date via the Labour Hire Licensing Online (LHLO) Portal, and ensure you:

  • notify LHA of any changes to your nominated officer, especially if a new nominated officer needs to be added in place of a previous nominated officer
  • update the phone number or e-mail address of your nominated officer.

There is guidance available to help you update your nominated officer.

If you need assistance making updates, contact the LHA Enquiries team on 1300 545 200 or at 

Important reminder for nominated officers

It is important that nominated officers fulfil their obligations under the Labour Hire Licensing Act 2018 (Vic), including to:

  • notify LHA within 30 days if any relevant person (such as a director or senior manager) is no longer a fit and proper person under section 22 of the Act (read more about the ‘fit and proper person test’)
  • notify LHA within 30 days if any relevant person is no longer compliant with legal obligations as required by section 23 of the Act
  • add or remove a relevant person via the LHLO Portal, particularly if this arises from changes to officeholders of a corporate entity
  • submit annual reporting as required by section 34 of the Act
  • pay the annual licence fee as required by section 35 of the Act.

Failure to fulfil these obligations may result in LHA compliance or enforcement action, potentially including cancellation of your licence and prosecution.

Nominated officers are encouraged to regularly check their LHLO Portal account for notices from LHA, and to respond within any specified timeframes.

For more information on labour hire providers’ obligations, visit the LHA website.