Licensing Q&A: How do I cancel my provider licence?

29 April 2022
Licensing Q&A: How do I cancel my provider licence?

Providers who no longer wish to provide labour hire services can cancel their licence with the Labour Hire Authority (LHA). This is done by the provider’s nominated officer via their LHLO account.

To cancel a licence, the nominated officer must log into their LHLO account and take the following steps:

  1. Open the ‘Licence details’ page, then select the ‘Apply to cancel the licence’ link.

Screenshot of cancellation

  1. Fill out the reason for cancellation and lodge the request.

The LHA will process the cancellation request on receipt of this form. Cancellations may take effect immediately.

Once the cancellation is processed, the former licence holder will receive a ‘Notice of Cancellation’ confirming that the licence has been cancelled. The notice can be viewed in their LHLO account.

Please Note – When a licence is cancelled, it ceases to be in force. This means the former licence holder must not provide labour hire services. Providers found to have provided labour hire services without holding a licence that is in force face penalties.