Labour hire licence suspended for not declaring criminal history

30 July 2021
Labour hire licence suspended for not declaring criminal history July 2021

The Labour Hire Authority (LHA) conducted a review of a labour hire provider and found that a relevant person to the licence did not declare their relevant criminal history.

The LHA has suspended the licence while further enquiries are underway. 

Suspended labour hire providers must not provide labour hire services. Providers found to have provided labour hire services without holding a licence that is in force face maximum penalties of up to $145,392 for an individual and $581,568 for a corporation.

Labour hire hosts must not use suspended labour hire providers, or face maximum penalties of $145,392 for individuals and $581,568 for corporations.

To maintain a labour hire licence, relevant people must pass the fit and proper person test which includes not being found guilty of certain offences and breaches.

The LHA may consider an exemption to the test in some circumstances and encourages all relevant people to honestly complete their declarations, provide all information up front and assist with enquiries.

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