Find licensed labour hire providers, faster and easier

1 February 2024
Find licensed labour hire providers, faster and easier

‘Check a provider’s licence status’ has recently become one of the most popular pages on the Labour Hire Authority (LHA) website, seeing more than 1,500 unique visits last month alone.

This shift reflects host businesses’ increasing recognition of the importance of using licensed labour hire providers – to protect their business, their workers, and to play their part in a fairer industry.

LHA provides hosts with a quick way to check whether a business they are considering engaging is licensed to provide labour hire services, through a free online Register.

Upgrades to the register

LHA last week launched a range of upgrades to the Register’s interface and performance, including:

  • significantly faster loading times – when launching and interacting with the Register
  • using icons to making active licence holders more prominent, and unlicensed providers clearer
  • a range of interface improvements, clearer titles and written language
  • tabs allowing easy switching between registers of labour hire licences, applications, and the Follow my Providers tool.

These updates will make it easier for labour hire providers and hosts to do the right thing, and only engage licensed providers.

You can try out the upgraded Register via the Check a provider’s licence status page.