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Common application mistakes to avoid

30 September 2019

Since applications opened on 29 April, the Authority has noticed that many labour hire providers have made simple mistakes in their applications which has caused delays.

Incorrect nominated officers

Some applications have been commenced by persons who do not control the business, for example external accountants and administrative assistants. A nominated officer must be a natural person who is responsible for the day-to-day conducting of the business to which the licence relates.

The person who controls the labour hire business must be the person who controls the labour hire licence account. Declarations that need to be made about the application must also be made by the person who controls the business.

When applying for a licence on behalf of a trust, the applicant must be a natural person or an organisation, not the trust.

Guidance material

Please make sure you carefully read the material provided by the Authority on our website and in the labour hire licensing portal.