Changes to your business? You may need to inform us

8 May 2023
Changes to your business? You may need to inform us

Licensed labour hire providers must keep their details up to date with the Labour Hire Authority (LHA) in order to maintain their licence.

Licence holders must inform LHA of changes to the information they provided to obtain their licence within 30 days of any change, under the Labour Hire Licensing Act 2018 (Vic). You must also tell us if a relevant person for the licence is no longer fit and proper or compliant with legal obligations in section 23 of the Act.

Maintaining current and correct details for all labour hire providers enables LHA to monitor compliance and communicate essential updates and information.

What does LHA need to know about?

LHA needs to be aware of changes that affect information you previously gave in your licence application, annual reporting, renewal application or in response to a request for information.

These details include:

How can I update my details?

Use your LHLO account to change necessary details such as contacts and relevant persons.

However, you must contact LHA directly about things that may affect your licensing obligations, such as corporation status or compliance with legal obligations.

Call 1300 545 200 or email

What if I don’t comply?

Failing to comply with these obligations can result in licensing action. LHA can remove a provider’s ability to operate in Victoria by refusing, suspending, and cancelling labour hire licences.

Penalties exceeding $145,000 for an individual or $590,000 for a corporation can also apply.