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Over 5,000 labour hire licence applications assessed

The Labour Hire Authority has assessed over 5000 labour hire licence applications. This includes licences that have been suspended, cancelled and granted with conditions, as well as applications that have been refused.

This helps protect the 599,000 workers supplied by labour hire providers because providers must continue to comply with workplace laws and pass a 'fit and proper person' test to obtain and maintain their licence. This also creates more fairness for ethical labour hire providers who have sought a more transparent industry with greater integrity.

Labour hire licence refused

The Labour Hire Authority has refused to grant a licence to MTL 354 PTY LTD.

In making licensing decisions, the Authority considers applications on completeness, accuracy and integrity. Where further information is required we undertake enquiries and work with other regulators and law enforcement agencies to gather evidence required for our licensing decisions.

The Authority had serious concerns and suspected significant non-compliance with a range of relevant laws that providers must comply with to obtain and keep their labour hire licence.

The Authority concluded its investigation and determined to refuse the licence application.

It is unlawful for the business to provide labour hire services or it faces maximum penalties of $528,704. Hosts must not use the business for labour hire services or they face maximum penalties of $528,704.

Work-related fatigue: A guide for employers

Employers are responsible for preventing and managing fatigue in the workplace. There are three broad types of fatigue: physical, mental and emotional.

All of these can obviously affect both workplace and public safety and can also have long-term health effects. While preventing fatigue improves workplace health and safety, reduces workplace injuries and staff absences and leads to greater productivity. 

To learn how to prevent fatigue, check out the Work-related fatigue guide for employers from WorkSafe.

30 April 2021