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Finding providers by industry

To support hosts, providers and workers during the coronavirus pandemic, the Authority has also published details of licensed labour hire providers and applicants including the industries to which they nominated supplying workers. This will particularly help hosts who need labour hire services in industries such as healthcare, commercial cleaning, transportation and warehousing, horticulture, and meat and poultry processing.

The lists reflect the information provided by the applicants and licensed providers at the time of their application. In the future, the Authority aims to build this information into the provider registers.

30 April 2020

Frequently asked questions April 2020

Here are answers to a few of the top questions coming through to our enquiries team. If you have a question you can contact the Authority by using the contact us button below.

Preparing for a pandemic: a guide for employers

WorkSafe Victoria has published an informative guide for employers on managing the occupational health and safety risks associated with an infectious disease pandemic.

For more information on how employers can use occupational health and safety (OHS) practice to plan for a pandemic view the guide.

30 April 2020

Labour hire licence applications received before 30 June 2020

The Labour Hire Authority recognises that these are unprecedented times. The coronavirus situation is affecting labour hire hosts, providers and workers and has resulted in changes to the labour hire industry. Some labour providers have lost business, other providers are experiencing an increased demand for labour hire workers and an increased supply of workers looking for work, and new providers are seeking to supply workers to various industries during this pandemic.

It is for this reason the Authority will not take enforcement action against a provider for providing labour hire services without a licence, or a host who enters into an arrangement with that provider, where a complete application is submitted to the Authority before midnight 30 June 2020 and there is no evidence of non-compliance.