Submitting accurate annual reports on time is a crucial condition of your labour hire licence

7 March 2024
Submitting accurate annual reports on time is a crucial condition of your labour hire licence

Licensed labour hire providers must lodge accurate annual reports on time with the Labour Hire Authority (LHA) as a condition of their licence.

Penalties of over $150,000 for a business and $35,000 for an individual can apply for non-compliance with licence conditions such as annual reporting.

Non-compliance with annual reporting obligations may also result in licensing action such as conditions being imposed, or licence suspension or cancellation.

A number of labour hire providers have had their licences cancelled due to failure to submit annual reports. Providers are at risk of prosecution for providing labour hire services without a licence where they continue following cancellation of their licence.

Annual reports are used to:

  • ensure compliance information is up to date, including whether relevant persons remain fit and proper and compliant with their legal obligations
  • ensure information about business operations are up to date, including the identity of relevant persons, business address and turnover
  • assist LHA in its obligation to monitor compliance performance of licensed providers.

LHA may contact a business if an annual report is incomplete, missing relevant documentation, or if further information is required relating to responses provided. If potential issues are identified, LHA may also ask providers to supply further information, or a report may be passed on to compliance officers for review and potential action.

LHA works with other Victorian, Commonwealth and interstate agencies to complete checks to monitor and improve the transparency and integrity of the labour hire industry.

Submitting annual reports

Under the Labour Hire Licensing Act 2018 (Vic), it is a condition for every licensed labour hire provider to report to the LHA on their labour hire activities for the previous 12 months.

The nominated officer of the licensed provider is required to complete the annual report within 28 days from the end of each reporting period through their LHLO account.

If you have any problems lodging your report on time, please contact LHA before your reporting period ends to discuss your individual circumstances.

For most providers, annual reporting is quick and simple. To help licensed providers collect the information and supporting documents needed to complete their annual reporting, LHA has published an annual reporting guide and checklist.