Supporting compliance by engaging hosts directly

1 June 2023
Supporting compliance by engaging hosts directly

LHA continues to meet with labour hire providers, hosts and stakeholders throughout Victoria, providing up-to-date information to support compliance.

In addition to scheduled engagement sessions, we also conducted drop-in visits to local businesses likely to utilise labour hire services (hosts), such as:

  • hospitals
  • educational facilities
  • hotels and pubs
  • retail centres
  • councils
  • motels

Businesses were reminded that security, cleaning and some hospitality workers are likely to be sourced via labour hire providers. Where required, these providers should be licensed, including any subcontractors providing workers.

High levels of compliance were found among regional hosts, with most businesses meeting their obligations.

LHA checks to ensure hosts are using licensed providers as part of its compliance work. Drop-in visits and information sessions will continue throughout 2023.

Hosts should ensure their providers are licensed using LHA’s public register. You can also follow your providers to ensure their licence remains valid.

What if my provider is unlicensed?

Hosts should encourage unlicensed providers to immediately obtain a labour hire licence, as they are operating unlawfully and both the provider and the host could face penalties. They should not use the provider until it has an in-force licence – it is not sufficient that the provider has made an application for a licence.

Providers can apply for a licence by following the guidance on the LHA website.

Anyone with a complaint, concern, or information on providers who may not be meeting their obligations is encouraged to make a report using LHA’s Report a Problem form, or by calling 1300 545 200.

Upcoming events

Our program of free information sessions continues in June. Registrations are now open for the following information session:

Visit the LHA events page for further details.