Are you ready to renew your provider licence?

25 August 2022
Are you ready to renew your provider licence?

Many labour hire providers will be due to renew their licences with the Labour Hire Authority (LHA) from September this year.

The renewal process starts before each licence expires. Most licences have a duration of between two to three years. 

We have listened carefully to your feedback and have built a renewal process which is simple and straightforward.

A renewal application will take most providers less than 30 minutes to submit.  

The licensing timeline

A provider may be granted a labour hire licence for a period of up to three (3) years.

This diagram illustrates the process for a three-year licence. Not all licences are for three years.

An annual licence fee is due immediately upon a licence being granted and at each anniversary of the initial grant date. Providers are also required to complete their annual reporting requirements at these times.

Prior to the expiry date of the licence, the provider must submit a renewal application to continue to provide labour hire services.

Most people lodge their renewal application on time, but if you don’t, your licence will expire, and you will no longer hold a licence to provide labour hire services and must cease doing so immediately.

The Authority does not have the discretion to accept late renewal applications.

What can I expect?

In the months leading up to the expiry date of a provider’s labour hire licence, the LHA will send a notification to the provider’s nominated officer via their LHLO account about renewing their licence.

It is very important that nominated officers ensure their contact details are up to date with the LHA. We use nominated officers’ LHLO accounts and email address to communicate vital information about maintaining and renewing their labour hire licences. These details can be updated via your LHLO account at any time.

The LHA has taken steps to simplify the renewal application in response to recent feedback. Providers will need to submit their renewal application and pay the renewal fee via the single form that will be made available in their LHLO account at renewal time. They will need to provide information similar to what was provided during their initial application process and at annual reporting.

Please note
If a provider submits their renewal application before their current labour hire licence expires, their current licence will still be in force while we assess their renewal application.

Once your renewal application and renewal fee have been lodged, the LHA will begin its assessment. The LHA will also review any objections made to the renewal application.

If the LHA renews the labour hire licence, the licensing timeline will begin again and the first year’s annual fee will be due.

How long will the LHA take to assess applications?

From October, we aim to deal with the majority of renewal applications which are complete, uncontroversial, and without error within 28 days of lodgement.

Renewal applications which are subject of errors or compliance concerns may take longer.

Remember that your current licence remains in force until either your licence is renewed, or the application is refused or withdrawn.

What if I’m not yet due to renew my licence?

The nominated officer can commence the renewal application up to 6 months prior to the expiry date of the licence. If you are not yet due to renew your labour hire licence, you will still be required to meet the conditions of your licence and complete your annual reporting requirements and pay your annual licence fee by the due date. Your nominated officer will receive a notification in their LHLO account when these are due.

We encourage all nominated officers to log into their LHLO account to ensure their nominated officer’s contact details are correct. If a provider’s nominated officer has changed, they can contact us directly for assistance.